Science Museum of Long Island
PO Box 908
1526 North Plandome Road
Plandome, NY 11030
(516) 627-9400

Not a museum in the usual sense of the word, the Science Museum of Long Island is a Science Activity Center offering a host of programs and professional services to members school groups, teachers, and other professionals.

The sheer number of programs offered is staggering, so rest assured that anyone who has any interest in just about any of the fields of science will find something useful here.

Weekend Family Programs and After School Workshops are scheduled for specific days, but something is available every day of the week. A few examples of Saturday Family Workshops (designed to be shared by parents): Starry Spring Skies (grades 1 - 6): explores the constellations in a portable STARLAB planetarium as well as the myths and cultures associated with them; Animal of the Month (N - 6): each month a new animal or type of animal is studied. Children and adults learn fascinating details about the lives and habitats of these creatures, often with a visit from the animal involved; Physics of Toys (3 - 6): demonstrates the science behind some exciting tricks that toys do: a spinning top, a flying object, a swinging pendulum and more. Many more are available.

After School Workshops are multi-session programs for individual children and include, to name a few, Whales of Fun! (K & 1): fascinating facts about whales, whale songs, and how much we have in common with these gentle giants; The Human Machine (2 & 3): views the human body as a working mechanism, examining the functions of the various organs; Astronomy in Space (4 & up): students learn to observe stars, planets and galaxies and learn about asteroids, comets and more. Includes at least one night of actual observation. Many, many others are available, with each program comprised of three or four sessions.

School Programs are offered for students from Nursery through High School, and following is a small fraction of the Elementary School titles available: Arachnophilia (Introductory): in-depth study of spiders, using live and preserved specimens; Tracking Dinosaurs (Introductory): explores the world of dinosaurs and their lifestyles; The Desert (Intermediate): demonstrates what a desert is, the different types, and how they are formed. Explores desert plants and animals; Mathematics in the Field (Advanced): students use geometric skills to solve practical math problems such as measuring the height and distance of objects.

A number of Nursery and Kindergarten Programs are also available, as are Gifted Elementary, Junior High and High School Programs, such as Electronics: students learn soldering, parts identification and wiring techniques while studying different means of communication (radio, digital, etc.); Fun With Topology: By creating puzzles and magic tricks, students investigate several topological topics; and many others. Outreach Programs are available also, for delivery in the school classroom or auditorium.

Located on the beautiful 36-acre Leeds Pond Preserve, SMLI is well equipped to deliver everything from Guided Nature Walks to Archaeology Lectures for Adults.

There are Nursery Science Programs, Senior Citizen Programs, Scout Badge Programs, Programs for the Mentally or Physically Challenged and even an eight-week Summer Science Day Camp for children of all ages. SMLI also offers special Courses for Teachers, as well as Science Consulting Services. Whatever your interest, SMLI has something for everyone. Calendars are available FREE upon request.

Hours: Open Daily, 10am - 5pm. May vary, call.
Family Membership costs $100.00 Programs individually priced, call for details. As an example, After School Workshops cost $60.00 (after membership).
Most School Programs are in the range of $150.00. Some cost less, some more, depedning on program materials, length, etc.
Reservations: At least a week in advance for Family Programs. Written registration and payment required in advance . Major credit cards accepted. At least 4 weeks for groups.
Lunch: Picnic area available.
Handicapped Access: Accessible.
Directions: LIE to exit 35. North on Shelter Rock Rd. to Northern Blvd. (Rt. 25A). West on 25A to Plandome Rd. Turn right and follow to Museum. 45 minutes east of the George Washington Bridge.

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