Wax Museum of Lancaster
2249 Route 30 East
Lancaster, PA 17602

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This museum has closed to the public, according to information provided by the proprieters.

The National Wax Museum brings Lancaster history to life in more than thirty vivid scenes. Animation and state-of-the-art video technology enhance the experience, making the Museum a wonderful educational tool.

Visitors will see the likenesses of historical greats such as William Penn, Benjamin Franklin, Daniel Boone, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and many others. Historical displays illustrate why the Amish and Mennonites settled in Lancaster County. Exhibits trace history from the 1600's to the present.

Scenes with wax figures include the Great Indian Treaty of 1744, the Donegal Witness Tree, Early Settlers of Penn's Woods, Hospital at the Ephrata Cloisters During the Revolution, and many others. The grand finale is an Amish Barn Raising, brought to life through skilled audioanimatronics.

Groups (15 or more) as well as families are welcome for a tour. School Groups of all grade levels find the Wax Museum to be a rewarding experience.

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