Con Edison Energy Museum

Unfortunately, the Con Edison Energy Museum has closed its doors.  As you can see by the information below, it was a pretty cool place.  Con Ed also once had a tour of the Indian Point plant.

If you feel so inclined, you may e-mail Con Ed and urge them to reopen these fine public education facilities!

September 4, 1882, Pearl Street. A time and place important to us all. This was where Thomas Edison's power plant began producing electric power for distribution to homes and businesses. At the Con Edison Energy Museum, visitors learn how electricity traveled through Edison's specially designed underground system to the historic "First District," a mile-square area in lower Manhattan.

With no existing electrical equipment manufacturers, Edison invented the complete system -- dynamos, regulators, meters -- every piece of electrical apparatus that was needed.

At the Energy Museum, visitors will see some of Edison's inventions, and a working, scaled-down model of his Pearl Street Station. Just a few of the exhibits include, Con Edison Family Tree, Vertical City, Edison Tube System, The Kitchen of the 1920's, Energy Today, Our Energy Tomorrow, Paper Cable, Fish Hatchery on the Hudson, and many other exciting displays.

A lively film, made from historical photographs, shows life in New York around the turn of the century.

One of the most popular sections of the Museum is a simulated tour beneath a typical New York City Street of today. Utility lines -- electric, gas, steam, water, telephone and sewer are colorfully illuminated. A simulated passing subway adds another dimension to the underground services.

This great museum will thrill and educate people of all ages. It is highly recommended for School Groups and adult groups, too.

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