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Unfortunately the Ocean Discovery Center is no longer in operation.

The Ocean Discovery Center is actually a sea going vessel, fully equipped with a lounge, galley and other features to provide a safe and comfortable trip for Whale and Dolphin Watching or on-board marine and nature education services. 

Whale and Dolphin Watching is available in summer and fall. Each 3-hour trip is fully narrated, and marine biologists on board can answer all questions about the various animals that may be seen. In addition to whales and dolphins, passengers can observe a variety of pelagic (living near the open seas) birds, as well as the occasional sea turtle, manta ray, sun fish, and shark. 

The Floating Classroom provides an ideal environment for groups (15 or more) to study marine environments and wildlife. Students on this 3-hour cruise discover marine life from plankton to dolphins. Specimens (of the smaller animals!) are brought aboard for close examination. Marine biologists guide the studies and answer questions. The ride itself is a thrill, taking passengers through the intercoastal waterway, Cape May Harbor, Delaware Bay, and offshore to search for dolphins. Whales may be seen as well, but more likely in summer or fall. The all aluminum vessel launches from Captain Sinn's Dock. 

On-shore Programs are also available for groups. The Dock Program, about 90-minutes long, explores the fragile life that begins and ends in the wetlands. Plankton, marine vegetation, crabs, life on pilings, and various birds are among the life forms studies. The Beach Walk is an in-depth look at this unique habitat. Students discover the multitude of life forms on the Wildwood Crest beachfront in this 2-hour program. 

The Ocean Discovery Center will also conduct programs at a school or auditorium. Those interested should call to discuss their needs. Programs are adaptable to just about any age level.




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