Heart Education Center
1096 Old Churchmans Rd.
Newark, DE 19713

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It has come to our attention that the Heart Education Center has closed. If there are any changes in status we will report them here.

This unique educational center, operated by the American Heart Association, offers modern exhibits and interesting classes all designed to help us lead healthier lives.

Twenty-four high-tech, interactive exhibits illustrate how the heart and cardiovascular system work. Visitors will experience:

  • "Commander Heart," an adventure video
  • A six-foot tall model of a human heart
  • A comparison of the hearts of different creatures
  • The factors that contribute to cardiovascular disease
  • Modern treatment techniques

And much more.One exhibit measures your heart rate, before and after exertion. Another exhibit, an interactive computer terminal, gives you a nutritional analysis of what you are eating (oh, no!).The Heart Education Center offers a variety of programs for both families and groups, including CPR Training, and Cooking Classes in the Culinary Hearts Kitchen. Here chefs teach how to cook meals that are both delicious and good for you. Another program offers Supermarket Tours that are led by dieticians who teach participants how to read food labels and make healthy purchasing decisions. The Center's Video and Research Library offers a wealth of health-related information.Tours can be customized to suit the needs of community of other Groups.School Groups, grades 5 - 12, can enjoy a variety of comprehensive, interactive programs on health issues. CPR Training, Cooking Demonstrations, Anti-Smoking Programs, or Health Career Introductions are among the many topics that can be incorporated into a program. Call with your students needs and the Center will put together an entertaining and educational experience for your students.


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