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The Battle of Trenton was made famous by images of Washington crossing the Delaware. He did so to prevent what he thought to be an imminent attack on Philadelphia. While Washington crossed the river with his 2,400 men and equipment including cannons, horses, and other gear, Colonel Henry Knox led troops across McKonkey's Ferry and Generals Nathaniel Greene and John Sullivan led a two-pronged nine-mile southern march through grueling winter weather.

The first shot was fired against the Hessians at 8 am, December 26, on Pennington Road. Two hours later the battle was over, and casualties on both sides were pretty light. But the Hessians surrendered. Ten days later the Americans won the Second Battle of Trenton and the Battle of Princeton, proving their mettle against an army of seasoned British regulars.

This encapsulated version of history can scarcely tell the fascinating stories surrounding the Battle. The Old Barracks Museum, however, tells them quite well. This Historic Landmark was built during the 1750's to house British troops during the French and Indian War.

Today visitors enjoy many exhibits and activities recalling military life before and during the Battle of Trenton. Of War, Law, and the Third Amendment is an exhibit examining the history of forced quartering in America (soldiers staying in peoples' houses uninvited). The Battle of Trenton exhibit features period weapons and equipment. Hail the Conquering Hero . . . celebrates Washington's entry into Trenton. Meticulously restored and refurnished, the Officers' Quarters offers visitors a unique insight on 18th century New Jersey life and the growing social and political tensions that led to the Revolution.

The Museum offers great services for families throughout the year. From military re-enactments and family workshops to concerts, lectures, and even Summer History Day Camp for the kids, the Old Barracks is an invaluable educational resource.

School Groups can choose from a wide range of great interactive programs. Meet the Past: 1777 recruits students into the Continental Army, introducing them to military life as they learn about the "recent" Battle of Trenton. Several other hour-long Meet the Past programs are available for grades 4 - 8. Another program, A Call to Arms (4 - 8) is a 3-hour workshop exploring life in the 1777 Continental Army. It includes many activities and hands-on participation. Seeds of Rebellion (9 - 12) explores Colonist-Military conflict. Using actual court cases and documents, students prepare complaints against British soldiers quartered in Trenton and come to the Museum prepared to present their grievances to the Commanding Officer. Many other programs are available, including Outreach Programs. Call for complete info.

Hours: Monday - Saturday, 10 am - 5 pm. Closed major holidays, Mondays. Call to confirm before visiting.
Adults $8.00
Seniors $6.00
Students $6.00
Children under 5 FREE
Groups: Group Programs cost between $8.00 Adults/$6.00 Seniors/Students to $13.00/$12.00 respectively.
Group Reservations: Reserve spring programs 16 weeks in advance; other times 8 weeks.
Lunch: Local restaurants.
Handicapped Access: Partial.
Directions: I-95 North across Scudders Falls Bridge. Rt. 29 North to Willow St. exit. Exit and go 180° around War Memorial onto Lafayette St. and enter Capitol Complex parking lot. Get visitor's pass at Guard Shack. 30 - 60 minutes from Philadelphia.

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