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Save the Ling!! At the time of this writing, the Museum and Ling are at risk. Click here to see how you can help. Clicking opens a page from the Museum's official site in a new window.

Operated by the Submarine Memorial Association, The New Jersey Naval Museum (NJNM) introduces state residents and visitors to New Jersey's Navy heritage and naval history in general.  The star attraction here is the USS Ling 297, a 312-foot long Balao Class World War II submarine. 

Like all WWII subs, the Ling takes her name from a fish.  She was commissioned on June 8, 1945, destined for service in the Pacific.  The war ended before the Ling saw active duty, however, and the sub later served as a training vessel -- equally important to fighting in the war, if a little less dramatic.  But a tour of the Ling is dramatic indeed, and visitors will get a real feel for the courage it took for ninety-five officers and crew to brave the deep in such small, spartan quarters.  On the other side of the coin the ingenuity of the sub's design is awe-inspiring.  That so much metal and machinery can be packaged into a sleek craft that transports humans underwater is incredible. 

A guided tour takes visitors from bow to stern, exploring the Ling's equipment, quarters and weaponry, which included twenty-four torpedoes and two 5" deck guns (today's Ling sports one 4" gun) for handling military targets too small to warrant the expenditure of a torpedo. 

Maintained by volunteers, the Ling makes her home in Hackensack, along with a new addition to the Museum:  A Vietnam era PBR (Patrol Boat, River). 

The PBR, as seen in movies such as Apocolypse Now, was a small, fast boat that was extremely maneuverable and drew only two feet of water.  Volunteers manned the PBR on dangerous in-shore missions in Vietnam, often returning in vessels peppered with bullet and RPG (rocket powered grenade) holes in both sides of the hull.  Some of these "brown water sailors" have actually had their boats shot out from beneath them.  But much more often these sailors and their boats wrought havoc on the enemy with their deck-mounted guns and grenade launchers and the small arms carried by the crew. 

Military buffs are an obvious audience for the New Jersey Naval Museum.  However, anyone interested in history or the sea will have a great time here, and many children love it.  And for children the Museum offers a fantastic Birthday Program:  Be Captain for the Day.  The program includes a Captain's hat and certificate for the guest of honor, souvenirs for the guests, a birthday cake, punch, and a guided tour of the USS Ling, all for an incredibly low cost.  Call for details. 

Both school and adult groups are welcome at the Museum, and discount admissions are available, depending on the size of the group. 

Visit the New Jersey Naval Museum for an exciting glimpse into the past.  And visit its official website for a comprehensive virtual tour.

Hours: Saturday & Sunday , 10 am - 4 pm. Last tour begins at 3:15 pm. Also may be open Wednesdays during summer. Call to confirm. Closed Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. Special evening visits may be arranged. Call to confirm.  
Adults and Children 12 or older $12.00
Seniors $7.00
Children under 12 $6.00
Admission to the Museum and grounds is free. Prices shown are for a Tour of the USS Ling 297.
Groups: Group discount available. Call for details.
Adults $7.00 Children $4.00
Group Reservations: At least 2 weeks in advance.
Lunch: Local restaurants.
Handicapped Access: Not accessible.
Directions: Rt. 4 east or west to Hackensack Ave. south. Proceed south for 1.7 miles.  Turn left at the light (7th light) by the Heritage Restaurant and proceed 100 yards to the back of the Record parking lot.  Turn right into the NJNM lot. About 30 minutes from the George Washington Bridge. For directions from other areas see the Museum's official site.

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