DNA Epicenter
(formerly Science Center of Eastern Connecticut)
33 Gallows Lane 
New London, CT 06320 
(860) 442-0391

We are sad to report that the DNA Epicenter has closed its doors and hope that they are able to reopen in the future.

Aspiring to "promote the understanding of the science of life to people of all ages," the DNA Epicenter pursues the following goals and objectives:

  1. To offer hands-on, inquiry-based bioscience professional development workshops for K-12 educators.
  2. To offer hands-on, inquiry-based bioscience experiments and museum exhibits for students in grades K-12 and
  3. To offer museum exhibits and educational seminars to educate the general public about current events relating to DNA.

Currently the DNA Epicenter serves as an educational facility for groups and also offers an science-themed summer camp program for children. School programs generally include two and a half hours of lab time. Shorter, one-hour programs are available for other groups such as Scouts, private parties, library groups, etc.

One-Hour Programs include:

Slime! (ages 5 and up): Teaches about the formation of polymers and what DNA and slime have in common. Students make some slime to take home!

Incr"EDIBLE" Cell (ages 7 and up): A tasty way to learn about the makeup of the cells that all living things are made of.

Keys to Life (ages 11 and up): A hands-on project exploring the double helical structure of DNA that includes the construction of a 3-D beaded keychain to take home.

One chaperone is required for every eight students and attends free of charge. Note that chaperones for the one-hour programs do not have to attend the Professional Development Workshop mentioned below.

Full School Programs can be tailored to the ability level of each group and each begins at a mock crime scene which was designed by the staff at the Dr. Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science at the University of New Haven.

In Mixtures & Murder! students learn to separate mixtures and perform a common laboratory technique to determine if one of the copies of a painting that have been found is the original stolen from the crime scene.

Students construct a cell model in Look Inside Your"CELL"ves to explore its structural components and their functions. Students also performs a DNA extraction, which they can take home along with the cell model.

Other programs are available and all include real lab work, enabling students to get a great introduction to this fascinating and growing field of science.

The DNA Epicenter has two labs which can accommodate 24 students each. Chaperones attend free of charge and one is required for every eight students.

Week-long Day Camps held during February, April and summer vacations offer a variety of science-themed activities that combine education with outdoor fun.

Professional Development Workshops delivered here are required for classroom teachers and help prepare them to help their students get the most out of their DNA Epicenter experience.

Hours: By appointment. Call.
Admission: One-Hour Programs cost $275.00 for up to 24 students. School Programs cost $350.00.
Group Reservations: Advance reservation required. Please call.
Lunch: Dining area available.
Handicapped Access: Please call with your needs.
Directions: I-95 North to exit 83. Turn left at light onto Williams Street. Pass next light and turn left onto Gallows Lane. DNA Epicenter is on the right. About hours from the George Washington Bridge.

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